About Me

My Background

I have always been an image maker.  My mother noticed this at an early age and encouraged me.  Teachers also noticed and in sixth grade it was arranged that I learn the basics of oil painting.  Once I was in high school I attended every art class that was offered.  In 1979 I received a B.A. degree from Rocky Mountain College and continued with post graduate studies at the University of Montana.  In 1986 I moved to Santa fe, New Mexico.  I was a member of Artists Equity, Rio Grande Artists Co-op and Santa fe Society of Artists.  I participated in marketing my art in the outdoor venues.  In 2005 I returned to live in Montana where I continue with my creative endeavors.     

My Medium

I work with acrylic paint for the most part.  I also work in a variety of other mediums such as pen and ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil, and oil paint. 

My Inspiration

I like to spend a lot of time in Nature.  I think my inspiration comes from that part of matter that is not solid. 

I often paint landscapes but the subject is energy, both screen and imagined.

Charles Burchfield was an early hero of mine.

Contact Me

Dale Beckman Gallery

(406) 449-6163