A Couple of Clouds

 I sat on top of a mesa in the Abiquiu New Mexico area to work out this pastel of some clouds, junipers and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.   The drawing was En Plein air which I later colored with pastel in the studio.


Abiquiu Valley

  The view is from across county road 155 and the Hunt ranch looking toward Abiquiu.  The Pedernal is peeking out on the top right hand side.   The ink drawing was En Plein air and the pastel was added later in the studio.



 This is an oil pastel on paper.  It was done En Plein air.  The view is of the land formation that is directly across the Rio Chama from Bode's Mercantile in Abiquiu, New Mexico.   Oil pastels can be fun to work with in the desert heat because the sticks heat up and almost melt into the support. 


Badlands #2

This is an ink and acrylic painting on paper.


Badlands #10

Acrylic on paper


Badlands Cow

Acrylic on birch wood panel


Electromagnetic Observation

The quality of the light in the high desert plateaus of New Mexico are legendary.  In this pastel of the Pedernal I have made an attempt to express just how the light bounces around in it's particle/wave mannerisms.  


Dancing Light of Northern New Mexico

I sketched the basic forms on location and added the pastel in the studio.  This is another view of the Pedernal in Northern New Mexico. 


Diamond Day

This was done on location and the pastel was added later in the studio.  Diamond Day is part of a series of works that endeavored to portray the qualities of the light at the high elevations of the New Mexico desert.  It has a gem like effect where it is fractured into the color spectrum. 


Plaza Blanca in Charcoal

This charcoal was executed En Plein air.


Changing Seasons

This view is from my yard in Abiquiu, New Mexico looking at the colorful autumn cottonwoods with the Jemez mountains.  The Rio Chama is flowing just the other side of the cottonwoods.  


Fractal Fall

This acrylic painting on canvas is of a grove of trees in the Pintler Mountains, Montana.  There is no sky in this image.  Past the trees are the giant Pintler Mountains.


Birdseye Landscape #5

I put down the ink on location and added the pastel and the acrylic later.  This view is the North side of Scratch Gravel, just north of Helena, Montana.


Birdseye Landscape #4

This is a mixed-media artwork.  I did this En Plein Air in ink, later in the studio, I added the pastel and the acrylic.  The view is of the Northwest side of Scratch Gravel, just north of Helena, Montana.   



This is a small ink and pastel drawing on paper.


Old Faithful

Acrylic on birch wood panel.


Abstract #2

This is a poured painting on a birch wood support.  The pouring technique has been applied multiple times.  This is a thick and heavy painting.

Electromagnetic Observation #5

This location is south of Magdalena, New Mexico.  This pastel is from a body of work where I was expressing matter as energy.


Abstract #3

This abstract was created with a process called, Poured Painting.  It involves multiple applications.  It is very heavy.


Abstract #6

This is a Poured painting.  The Poured Painting process involves multiple applications that make these paintings quite heavy.